Hood, Exhaust & Fan Cleaning

Hood, Duct, Fan Cleaning & Servicing

Every day sees the opening of hundreds of restaurants in America. This growth is a direct response to our hectic society and the public’s corresponding desire to eat out. Each new restaurant reflects a corresponding increase in the volume of cooking, resulting in more combustible grease in kitchen exhaust systems. As a result, the risk of fire has increased exponentially.

One of the most fundamental ways to reduce fire risk is to eliminate built-up grease and other cooking by-products that serve as fuel sources. A+ HORIZON SERVICES will clean your kitchen exhaust system to the metal and ensure these systems are in good working order. Our mission is to safeguard life, property and the environment. We hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of your clients and staff. To that end, our protocols meet our personal code of ethics, as well as local and national standards.

For over 11 years, A+ HORIZON SERVICES has provided quality and professional services. Utilizing state of the art equipment and the most advanced techniques, A+ HORIZON SERVICES will thoroughly clean your kitchen exhaust system to meet and exceed fire codes. Wouldn’t you prefer to deal with a company that answers the phone and keeps scheduled appointments?

Fact: Approximately 1 of 3 restaurant fires is caused by GREASE BUILDUP !!!!!

Hood & Exhaust Cleaning

A+ HORIZON SERVICES’s proven methods of removing grease and flammable residues from the interior surfaces of the hood canopies, filters, duct work and exhaust fans ensure compliance with all applicable fire and health codes. We steam/hand clean the entire hood and duct system from top to bottom including the exhaust fan to bare metal in accordance with NFPA 96 Standards for ventilation control and fire protection.

Exhaust Fan Maintenance

A+ HORIZON SERVICES will perform regular maintenance of the fan, belt, bearings and housing. Any repairs that are required will be written on the post inspection form and noted for repair. Our supervisors oversee each project to make sure it goes according to plan, inspecting the entire cleaning effort for quality and completeness, guaranteed!

Grease Filter Replacement/Cleaning

We’ll install UL listed, 2-inch wide stainless steel baffle grease filters to reduce the amount of grease-laden air that escapes into the ductwork and exhaust system. These filters also serve as a firebreak, controlling cooking flare-ups by minimizing flame penetration beyond the filter area. We provide quality products for your safety.

Other Cleaning Services

Power wash, scrub or chemically clean most surfaces
Steam clean and/or power wash all interior and exterior surfaces; tile floors,concrete,masonry, epoxy, drives, walks, asphalt – you name it!
Restroom and facilities
Food preparation and service departments
Windows, interior and exterior
Carts, racks and storage containers
Case Cleaning Exhaust hoods and appliances (ovens, fryers and stoves)
Unique cleaning challenges (specifically designed by you)

Benefits of Hood,Exhaust & Fan cleaning
• Reduced risks of kitchen fires
• Enhanced working environment for kitchen staff
• Improved ventilation for smoke and odor removal
• Lower insurance premiums offered by some insurance companies
• Compliance with local/national, fire & health codes
• Full time support staff
• Schedules appointments at your convenience, and keeps those appointments


Every 30 days: • Wood burning or charcoal burning stoves • Charbroilers • 24-hour & some hamburger restaurants
Every 60 days: • Hamburger restaurants • Fast food locations
Every 90 days: • Average restaurant • Employee cafeteria • Hotel or Hospital kitchen
Every 180 days: • Pizza restaurants • Convalescent Hospital • Small snack bar
Every year: • Hoods over non-grease creating appliances(i.e. steam kettles, dishwashers, soup vats)

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